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Around the IRRA

The Institute of Russian Realist Art is situated in a historical district of Moscow – Zamoskvorechye. Initially this part of the city was called Zarechye, the first record of which dates back to 1365. For a long time Zamoskvorechye was a suburb of Moscow. Later this district became popular among merchants and this fact is reflected in the works of Russian writers and artists. Intellectuals settled there more and more in the XIXth century, Alexander Ostrovsky, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anna Akhmatova were among them.

There are a lot of places of interest in Zamoskvorechye nowadays – churches, monasteries and museums, in particular, Bakhrushin Museum of Theatre, Museum of V.Tropinin, Esenin Museum, Visotsky Museum and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Performances, concerts, ballets, fashion shows and public events take place at the Moscow International Performing Arts Center that was opened on Kosmodamianskaya embankment in 2002.

There is Novospassky Monastery on the opposite bank of the river. It was founded in the end of the XVth century, the walls and the towers were raised in the 1640-1642s. Boyars Zakharieny-Romanovs are buried in the grave in the basement of the monastery.

One of the two oldest bridges across the Moskva River which was built in 1911 leads to the Monastery.

After visiting the IRRA we advise you going on a boat trip along the river to the centre of Moscow. Boats moor at berth “Novospassky Bridge”.

You can have a snack at the IRRA. In case you are planning to eat a substantial meal, we recommend you restaurants near the IRRA – “Pesto”, “Oki-Doki”, “Jimmy’s Pub” or “Torro Grill”.