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The three floors of exhibition space, with a total area of over 4,500 square meters, feature about 400 works of Russian and Soviet art. The Institute of Russian Realist Art was conceived and created to introduce and promote the national school of realism. This guide contains some of the most outstanding and significant paintings from the IRRA permanent exhibition, introducing the viewer to the history of Russia from the end of the 19th century to the present day. Ranging from the renowned representatives of Russian Impressionism and Socialist realism, through the innovators of the Society of Easel Artists, to the founders of the severe style and the hyperrealists, the collection embodies Russian art in all its complexity and diversity. The essence of Russian realism originates from the moral traditions of the Peredvizhniki (also known as the Wanderers, or the Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions), as reinterpreted and developed by their students and followers. Despite the fact that the works shown in the museum were created mainly during the Soviet period, they maintain the achievements of the Russian school of art in their portrayal of nature in all its many forms, as well as the genre paintings and the eternal biblical themes and motifs that have always excited the imagination of viewers.

The Museum is equipped by all necessary for comfortable stay of the visitors with disabilities: ramps, lift, mobile cloakroom, WS. The IRRA excursions department offers guided tours. Albums about the exhibited artists are available at the souvenir shop. The Museum visitors are offered guide books in six languages (English, Chinese, German, French, Italian and Russian) and audio guide in Russian, English and Chinese.