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Using the IRRA Website

Please note that the intellectual property rights in all content comprising or contained within this website address (URL) is owned by the IRRA, and other copyright owners as specified.

The contents of this website are published for non-commercial, educational purposes and your enjoyment. You may freely access and store the majority of the website’s contents on a temporary basis for the purposes of personal or private viewing, interaction or listening.

We kindly ask you to respect the intellectual rights of the IRRA and other right holders.

Reproducing content artworks from the IRRA website

Website content and artworks that is the IRRA copyright may be reproduced for the non-commercial purposes of research, private study, criticism and review, or for limited circulation within an educational establishment (such as a school, college or university).

The following uses of the IRRA copyright content are also permitted, except where other terms apply:

  • Limited quotation of the IRRA copyright texts or transcripts, for non-commercial research, private study, criticism and review, or use within an educational establishment, with due acknowledgement and citation. Where any text content or artworks are published, the author and/or source of the content must be identified and the copyright status of the content acknowledged, eg: “© IRRA, Moscow 2012”
  • Reproduction of the IRRA website content and artworks on any social media platforms, except where other terms apply

However, the following acts are not permitted in respect of any of the content featured on the IRRA’s website:

  • Reproduction of website content for commercial purposes, or any rental, leasing or lending of content obtained or derived from the website
  • Any use of the IRRA logo or trademark without prior consent from the IRRA
  • Inaccurate or distorted reproductions, colour treatments, alterations or adaptations of website content, except where other terms apply.
  • False attribution of authorial or copyright credits, and the removal of any IRRA metadata from digital file formats

Prior written permission must be obtained from the IRRA to use website content and artworks for publication and/or commercial purposes.

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